Organizational Control Mechanisms

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Authored By : Singh R.P.

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Organizational Control Mechanisms

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People seem to be "either-or thinkers"; either this must be true or that must be true. As opposed to this there are people who believe that nothing is absolutely true and it is the time and the place which will determine the choice of an idea or a strategy. The approach of this book is opposed to both these extremes and alternatively takes a position which may be termed dialectical. It posits the possibility that both "X and not X" may be true at the same time and place. It conceives of social reality in the critical-conflict perspective and presents a model of behaviour control-mechanisms that may be effective in an organizational context. Besides being useful to the managers and union leaders of various government and non-government manufacturing and service organizations it has attempted to steer out a theoretical approach that may be adopted in understanding, predicting and controlling the behaviour of personnel of any hierarchy in a organization.

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