Performatives, Knowledge and Truth

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Authored By : Ghosh Manjulika

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Performatives, Knowledge and Truth

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The book Performatives, Knowledge and Truth is about rehabilitating the performative-constative distinction made and undone by the Oxford philosopher J.L. Austin.  This is sought to be done by relooking at Austin’s reasons for giving up the distinction, his alleged failure to find some foolproof criteria of distinction. Besides, fertility of the concept of performatives to illumine certain philosophical problems, particularly, those of knowledge and truth, is also argued out in defense of the distinction. In the concluding chapter, the impact of Austin’s theory of  performatives/speech acts on literary theory and criticism is discussed as  evidence of the relevance of Austin’s theory of performatives outside the precincts of philosophy. The contentions of the book go against the received understanding of Austin in philosophy of language, and thus provide interesting reading.  It speaks to a fairly wide audience  all those who are interested in Austin’s contribution to philosophy of language and beyond.

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Professor Manjulika Ghosh is Professor of Philosophy, University of North Bengal. Her major research interests are Philosophy of Language, Phenomenology and Ethics. She has published a good number of research papers in professional journals within the country and abroad.  Her articles are also included in anthologies on philosophy. Professor Ghosh was UGC-Cultural Exchange Scholar at the Institute of Philosophy, Budapest University, Hungary and part of the work done there has been published as papers. She has done her post-Doctoral work on “Ethics and Knowledge” which is also in the process of publication. Professor Ghosh has
co-edited three volumes under the SAP programme of the Department and has edited the 2002, 2003 and 2005 proceedings of the Indian Philosophical Congress. She has visited Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, U.K., China and Japan on invitation and lectured there. 

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