Prataparudradeva, the Last Great Suryavansi King of Orissa

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Authored By : Ray Dipti

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Prataparudradeva, the Last Great Suryavansi King of Orissa

Summary of the Book

Little has so far been written on the "Prataparudradeva, the last great suryavamsi king of Orissa". For the first time in this work attempt has been made to throw new light on this field and thereby filling up a very major gap in the study of Orissan History.


Salient Features

This illuminating volume leads to fascinating revelations about the life and activities of the great king Prataparudradeva.

It constitutes a unique asset in understanding how Prataparudradeva who more or less through out his life had a fight and fight against adversaries from the North from the South and from the West with both Hindu and Muslim powers and proved himself as a great emperor of Orissa. Not only did he show his persistence to fight out the enemy but also in diplomatic skill he was found well conversant.

In the field of religion his contribution was on less, He was a respector of all the religions and was tolerant to all religious sect. The most remarkable event in the field of religion during his rule was steady growth of Oriya Vaishnavism as well as Goudiya Vaishnavism under his patronage.

Economic life of Orissa received new turn during his rule. He allowed the Portuguese trades to establish a settlement at Pipli in Balasore District (Orissa). The industries of Orissa got a boost because of the Portuguese demand.

He himself was a poet and great patronised of Literature. His court was adorned with galaxy of very important poets. In his region the contributions of Panchasakha to the Oriya Literature paved the way for further prosperity in later period. The Panchasakha's also initiated a reformist movement which sought to remove social barriers and minimized the existing social problem of inequality between man and man.

He was strong and efficient administrator. The key note of his administrative system was to bring peace and prosperity of the people.

If people suffered from the baneful effect of natural calamities life famine and draught he war alert to do his best for welfare of the suffering mass.

Hope this book from a variety of stand points will be popular for the scholars, students and the public.

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